Friday 19 November 2021

Control of the mics

This is quite something. Victoria Derbyshire was interviewing a Conservative MP [Miriam Cates, MP  for Penistone and Stockbridge] and every time Victoria Derbyshire interrupted her the BBC faded out and cut off the MP's microphone. The MP was left talking away unheard as Vic D had her say at length, again and again. Ms Cates was forcibly silenced by technology 9 times. I've counting Vic D's 'talking time' and she talked for 37.8% of the entire interview. Many left-wingers on Twitter were delighted:
Others disagree:
BBC Waste: Is it now BBC policy to cut the mic on guests, Jess Brammar? This is a very slippery slope and ill-advised.

It's an interesting question as to whether Jess Brammar - the controversial new head of the BBC's news channels - was behind this. 

I've seen interviewers faded down but never anything so systematic before.

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