Friday 19 November 2021

''The unstoppable rise of Kamala Harris'' [something to cackle at]

The BBC News website is proud to announce that Kamala Harris is the First woman to get US presidential powers (briefly).

Though the hapless, deeply unpopular Ms Harris has sunk to a 28% approval rating [the lowest on record for a vice-president] the BBC continues to cheerlead for her... least if this typically identity-politics-focused report is anything to go by.

In fairness, the 'cheerleading' mainly comes through not reporting her many gaffes or discussing her unpopularity, so it's mainly bias by omission.

That said, I still vividly remember the BBC swooning over her on Inauguration Day. 

She was, after all, the first woman and the first black and South Asian American to become vice-president, and they hadn't a bad word to say about her, even though she'd branded that nice Joe Biden a segregationist during her presidential primary campaign.

Anyhow, the fact that she's now become an unpopular laughing stock simply isn't something the BBC appears interested in - despite her being a mere heartbeat away from becoming president. 

And that's in sharp contrast to how the BBC usually treats Republican vice-presidents. 

The bit that made me laugh though when reading this was the link placed in the middle of this new BBC report:

''The unstoppable rise of Kamala Harris'' reads like a spoof BBC headline now, given how far she's fallen in the US public's estimation. But, bizarrely, it's real and someone at the BBC actually thought it worthwhile adding a link to it.

It's another extraordinary thing to read now. 

They were absolutely exulting in Kamala. And in identity politics. 

Here's the headline:

And what a remarkable piece follows... 

It's pure hagiography, and should never have been published by an impartial news organisation. 

And now someone at the BBC - probably floating in a BBC groupthink bubble and not bothering to catch up with things - still seems to think that Kamala's the best thing since sliced bread [which some 72% of the US public now doesn't think she is] and seems to believe that linking to this ridiculously gushing piece from a year ago constitutes proper journalism. 

It really doesn't.

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