Tuesday 23 November 2021

Wide awake and blinking

To do justice to a blog like this I'd need to retire and monitor everything. But, alas, I'm not old enough or rich enough.

Blink, even for a few hours, and you miss all kinds of BBC bias. 

As soon as I finished work yesterday, I read the comments here and then clicked on the BBC News website, and screengrabbed the home page. 

Among its main headlines were: [a] Brit Awards scrap male and female categories. From next year, all musicians will compete for a combined best artist prize, organisers announce and [b] Redmayne says playing trans role was a mistake

Now those could be a pair of Daily Mail headlines inviting you to click on an article mocking wokery, but click on the articles themselves and you'll immediately find yourself plunged into pure BBC wokery.

The one on the Brit Awards scrapping the male and female categories can be appraised in terms of bias on traditional blog terms in that [a] every voice in the piece is in favour of the Brit Awards' wokery and [b] the BBC journalist behind it piles up other arguments in favour of it and ends up arguing in favour of it himself. 

But it goes beyond that because of the piece's resolutely woke use of pronouns throughout where 'their' and 'they' aren't/isn't plural and where 'non-binary' is presented as something real, and where everything becomes needlessly confusing and gender gets messed up with sex. 

It's a piece written by a BBC journalist who evidently can't but report like a woke ideologue. 

But some higher-up BBC editor presumably also gave it the nod. 

And the one on Eddie Redmayne is just as far gone. 

It's all about a repentant actor seeing the light. And everyone cited in the piece agrees that it's a good thing and 'about time' that actors shouldn't play parts that don't match their own 'identities' - in the identity politics sense of 'identity', which negates one of the main aspects of acting, i.e. playing people who aren't like you. 

This report is just as one-sided, uses Stonewall-style language throughout and includes an attack on JK Rowling with no balancing commentary whatsoever.

The BBC is indulging this kind of extreme nonsense far too much. Reading the BBC website is getting like reading the whackiest end of The Guardian, albeit as if it's been re-written by ill-informed teenagers who have been told to write in the BBC style and can't for the life of them cope with the task. 

Diversity of viewpoint is restricted to those pandering to the woke and the woke themselves. 

And, to end on a cheery note, it's only likely to get worse.

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