Wednesday 24 November 2021

Roger Harrabin is off

So Roger Harrabin, the BBC's environment [activist] analyst, is joining the exodus from the BBC - albeit not for a few months. He tweeted today:
Personal news: I'm leaving BBC staff in June after 35 years reporting on environment and energy. It's been great - but opportunities beckon in the post-COP26 world. More later.

 His former colleague Richard Black has paid tribute

Privileged to have worked alongside this usually brilliant, occasionally infuriating but unfailingly interesting brain for a decade at BBC News … a big loss, very hard shoes to fill. Intrigued to see what comes next for you, Rog.

And many of the people you'd expect have also paid tribute. So Roger's tweeted again
Thanks to everyone for the amazing tributes. I didn't know I'd need a hanky. I will be available for after dinner speeches, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and funerals. Especially after dinners...

I'm guessing he won't be off to become a spokesman for any new coal mines in Cumbria.  

Meanwhile, I'm sure his remaining colleagues will keep up the good work. 

Here are a couple of links that suggests some of them - including the famous Marianna Spring - are already off to a cracking start, trying to bind together groups of people the BBC disapproves of into one handy, easy-to-smear bundle:

How the BBC is crushing the climate debate. BBC News is equating criticism of the green agenda with conspiracy theories and science denial.

A related Twitter thread

Marianna's made a career over the past couple of years reporting on anti-lockdown protests and focusing only on the conspiracy theorists in attendance, so much so that she risks being seen as a one-trick pony. Therefore, it's nice to see that she's spreading her wings and beginning to apply this narrowly-focused approach to another group of people the BBC disapproves of - those who don't adhere to the BBC's line on climate change. I'm sure Roger will be proud of her.

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