Friday 5 November 2021

Huw sounds off again and the BBC might speak to him about it

As Charlie notes on the open thread, Huw Edwards: to be spoken to by the BBC after tweeting that he felt uncomfortable about a portrait of a Waterloo 'hero' being taken down by an art gallery. 
Charlie rightly suspects that Huw won't be quivering in his boots. 

He's no more likely than Emily Maitlis to face any real consequences, and is just as gung-ho about receiving criticism from his BBC bosses as she is.

The overly-opinionated News at Ten presenter had tweeted:
As a journalist I feel uneasy about this element of 'censoring' history. Should not Picton remain on display as a reminder to Wales of an aspect of its past - no matter how disgraceful?

He then argued with various critics on Twitter about it, 'doubling down' on his point of view. 

Very Huw.

Here a couple more tweets on the matter:

Save Our Statues: Huw Edwards's tweet was definitely not impartial - it was actually in line with most decolonisers, preferring to brand British history as "disgraceful" rather than remove it. Yet apparently even that position is too weak for the Maoist BBC.  
Stephen Phillips: It is madness that Huw Edwards  is being censured by the BBC for speaking against the woke madness infiltrating our institutions. Historical revisionism has no place in a civilised society. Nadine Dorries must act to protect our heritage from these idiots.

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