Monday 29 November 2021

Sopes's Farewell

As well as marking the start of both Hanukkah and Advent this year, yesterday marked the momentous moment when the BBC's North America Editor Jon Sopel finished his job in the United States and flew off to BBC pastures newish...

He tweeted, ''And that’s a wrap. Farewell USA. Have had a ball''.

It's a good-natured thing to wish people well, but I really don't think he covered himself in any glory whatsoever. 

He played to a very particular gallery throughout. 

And he returned the role to its ultra-sneering, unthinkingly partisan past under Matt Frei. 

[In between came Justin Webb and Mark Mardell, who at least tried to be serious reporters].

I'm afraid my heart is with this comment in reaction to JS's tweet: 
News Addict: Thank God this guy has gone. He was one of the main reasons I stopped watching the BBC during the US election. One of the most biased, unprofessional, emotionally unstable political correspondents they have ever had. Good riddance.

So where is he off to next? To present Today? To replace Laura K as BBC political editor? To take over Andy Marr's sofa? To host a new BBC News Channel programme in the evening called Talking Pints...with [hic] Jon Sopel?

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