Saturday 27 November 2021

Migration Watch and the BBC

Alp Mehmet on GB News

There were a brief few years when the BBC slightly thawed on the issue of immigration and began interviewing Migration Watch, who they'd previously help at arm's length [to put it mildly]. 

Migration Watch, after all, had begun to establish a strong track record of predicting where trends would lead with an accuracy far exceeding other experts, not to mention governments. 

The thaw didn't last and Migration Watch began to be frozen out again. 

A scan of TVEyes shows just one appearance on either BBC1, BBC2 or the BBC News Channel over the past 6 months - namely September 9, 2021, when Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, appeared on the BBC News Channel for  three minutes. [Not now available].

In contrast, in the wake of the tragedy in the Channel, Mr Mehmet has been on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Sky News and GB News.  

Indeed, Alp has been on GB News many, many times in recent months. 

Checking BBC radio [rather harder with TVEyes] I've found just one interview, and it's a recent one - 24 November, Radio 5 Live, Alp Mehmet. [Presenter Nuala McGovern did plenty of interrupting and contradicting of course. It was a very BBC interview on the subject.] I can find nothing on Radio 4, Radio 2 or Radio 1. 

Has anyone else seen or heard anything else from Migration Watch on the BBC during the past 6 months?

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