Monday 8 November 2021

Is BBC bias getting ever more extreme?

Is BBC Bias by News Agenda Choice getting ever more extreme? 

I spotted a tweet this morning from Andrew Neil saying:
Knifeman shouting “in the name of the Prophet” shot and wounded after attacking three police officers in Cannes, shortly after 6am this morning, outside town’s main Police Commissariat.
And the newborn broadcaster he left, GB News, has the story as the main headline on its news website:.
Policeman survives suspected terror attack in French city of Cannes
I'm looking hard to see if the BBC even reported the story and finding absolutely nothing on their 'news' website. 

Nor, after a search on TVEyes, am I finding even a single mention of it on their TV channels [BBC One, BBC Two, the BBC News Channel]. 

A search of Google News reveals that media outlets from the Daily Mirror to Sky News, and from the Times and CNN and to the Daily Mail and the Independent, and from the Evening Standard and METRO to the New York Times and Jerusalem Post [and many more] are all reporting it. 

All I can't find it a link to the Guardian and the BBC.
Are the BBC now at the stage where they feel they can get away with not even reporting such stories?

The headlines on the homepage of the BBC News website seem to me to have taken another sharp turn towards ever-more blatant agenda-pushing in recent weeks. 

They are presently leading with Barack Obama berating Donald Trump over climate change, with more about 'racism' at Yorkshire Cricket Club as their second story and all manner of other agenda-twisted pieces following on - including a new 'identity politics grievance' piece.

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