Friday 25 April 2014

Friday night quiz

The BBC is nothing if not sensitive to minority groups, even at the risk of parody.

Take today's Last Word on Radio 4. 

As it's Friday night, it's quiz time. So, which of the following is the real (Dr Leonard 'Bones') McCoy? - i.e. said by presenter Matthew Bannister in the course of the programe:
And we should warn vegetarians and vegans that this programme contains graphic descriptions of meat consumption.
And we should warn listeners from the Maori community that this programme contains descriptions of women undergoing their menstrual cycle.
And we should warn listeners from the Aborigine community that this programme contains the names of deceased people.
And we should warn Hindu listeners that this programme makes reference to the suffering of sacred animals. 
And we should warn Muslim listeners that this programme contains jokes about the Prophet Mohammed which some might find offensive. 
Please listen here to find the answer (in the opening seconds of the programme). 

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