Thursday 10 April 2014

Yeah, cool. No worries.

Things are looking up. Well, I’ve been caught out like this before.

No sooner do you remark that things have started to look up than they take a couple of steps back and you’re sorry you even mentioned it.

Never mind. 
After (or was it before) Mishal Husain’s informative exposition of the plight of India’s Moslem community, we had John Humphrys giving Yvette Cooper a gentle grilling about a certain kind of immigration, you know, the immigration of the non EU variety. I nearly thought he was going to say something politically incorrect. I had the smelling salts handy but sadly the moment passed. He missed quite a few open goals there.

Then, would you adam’n’eve it, there was the thing about the amazing 22 second battery charge, developed in - of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world - Tel Aviv.

As it happens the BBC’s science department has always been pretty fair about reporting Israel’s scientific prowess. I remember a young lady BBC science journalist who was based in Israel for a while.  I suppose that was a few years ago - she was always sending back good news stories about Israel’s scientific innovations, like smell-sensitive computer noses. I think I blogged it once in the olden days over at Biased-BBC. 

Imagine there’s this  this fantastic instant battery charging thingy, for your phone and your green eco-friendly battery-powered car, but being politically right-on, you’ve pledged not to use it! Put that in your brief history of Stephen Hawing and bloody boycott it, suckers.

Anyway, back at things looking up. I must say I really loved one particular multi layered irony that popped up in last night’s closing episode of W1A. You’ve guessed it.  Here’s what Ben Lawrence said in the Telegraph:
Meanwhile, Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes) of PR company Perfect Curve strove to create a new, more "appy” logo for the "British Broadcasting Company" (sic) and ended up with a symbol that resembled the Star of David. “David who?” she asked, that dead-behind-the-eyes look slowly setting in.
But I don’t think he really really gets it.

It’s this running joke about rebranding the BBC logo. Those letters - so un appy. “Un’appy? geddit?” Yeah cool.

Having rejected the first design, a hyper-minimalist, symbolic, three vertical lines representing the B, the other B and the C, the PR gurus have hit on a blue triangle, and, to make it more dynamic, another, inverted, blue triangle. 
David who?

“Sort of two triangles crashing into each other! An explosion in a triangle factory!” 
Ian Fletcher points out that they’ve created the Star of David. 

“You’ve got the Star of David.”
“Scuse me?
“You’ve got the Star of David.” 
“David who?”
“The universal symbol for the Jewish faith and people.”
“You’re joking me.”
         “No he’s not Siobhan”
“Hey!” (high fives) “Go BBC! Go Triangle! Go David!”

Go David!!!
Oh the irony - I just hope it was sooo deliberate!   Yeah, sooo coool!

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  1. Great eh?
    Ian Fletcher at least knew what it meant....imagine Ed Miliband was shown it before he went to Israel, hence his sudden interest in Jewish identity.
    As long as that God of theirs stays back in Alistair Campbells drugs cabinet of his.


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