Friday 18 November 2016

Anyone with a shred of empathy...

Totally like Hillary

TFTD Abridged, about which I've enthused before, continues his sterling work of condensing every edition of Radio 4's Thought For The Day into less than 140 characters. 

His tweet on Today's edition, featuring the go-ahead Bishop of Leeds, The Right Reverend Nick Baines, runs as follows:

That's a surprisingly spot-on summary. 

That said, it did make me pause for thought (BBC-related pun intended). The Rt Rev Nick started wondering about what was going on in Hillary's mind after losing the election. He noted that she'd "spoken about wanting to curl up with a good book and not go out of the house" after losing. "Anyone with a shred of empathy, whatever their politics, must be able to comprehend this", he said. 

Now, I will confess that when I heard that Hillary had said that my first thought was, "Jesus wept! Well, if that's how she reacts to losing, how would she have reacted as president in a major international crisis? Would she have curled up with a good book and not gone out of the (White) house then?"

I must be somewhat lacking in empathy, obviously. 

Anyhow, Bishop Nick was there to confront me with my humanity and tell me that Hillary is, indeed, totally like St Paul...and to encourage us all "to snatch hope from the jaws of defeat".


  1. "What was going on in Hillary's mind after losing the election?" Indeed. If you believe the alt news sites she was in a drunken rage which was why she didn't make the usual concession speech to her followers as you would have expected (but instead required John Podesta to address the throng, telling them basically to "go home"). Of course the BBC have never even speculated as to why she failed to make the expected concession speech. Can you imagine how they would have been on the case had it been Trump dodging a concession speech?

  2. Imagine further the reaction if Trump's supporters had then rioted and Trump did nothing to dissuade them, in fact even encouraged them to do so?


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