Sunday 20 November 2016


Maxine Mawhinney

There was an interesting little BBC-on-BBC exchange a few minutes ago on the BBC News Channel (re the latest appointments to Donald Trump's team). It began like this:
Maxine Mawhinney: Well, I seem to be asking this question a lot, but any sign of a woman yet?
David Willis (laughing): Not much. No. It's pretty white and old, and that's sort of the complexion we're seeing so far. 
Then came a very 'BBC' moment as David Willis suddenly remembered that 'one degree of separation' is required from a BBC journalist when expressing their opinions; so David immediately restated what they'd both just said in classic BBC 'others say'-speak. 
David Willis: 'White, middle-aged men' is the way it's being characterised thus far.
Yes, David, so it has been characterised - by you and Maxinejust now, on the BBC News Channel, in front of our very own eyes!


  1. Its pretty much wall to wall slagging off of anything DT does irrespective of facts. The BBC hate him.Period.

  2. Its also very clear that BBC presenters are completely aligned with Identity politics. Their main concern is to characterise Trumps' team is by race, age, sex. Not by skills, experience nor even political views!


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