Monday 28 November 2016


When I wrote in that last post...
Read in full the statement seems reasonable and morally coherent, doesn't it? The BBC News website, however (at least to my eyes), made it sound as if Donald Trump was being 'Donnie Darkmouth' again, talking ill of the dead - and a very elderly man to boot! - so soon after the event. 
...I was referring back to Mark Mardell's coining of the phrase 'Donnie Darkmouth' (referencing 'Donnie Darko') to describe Donald Trump in campaign mode.

And guess what? Bang on cue - and backing up the point I was tentatively making there, in the most helpful way possible (to a blogger about BBC bias!) - here's Mark Mardell, making explicit the very point I thought the BBC News website was making implicitly:
Some of the old fire is there: he [Donald Trump] condemned Castro, hours after the old man's death, as a brutal dictator...
Which all goes to show that you can generally rely on good old Mark Mardell to state 'the BBC line' with even less regard for maintaining the appearance of 'BBC impartiality' than the BBC News website.

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