Monday 28 November 2016


The lead story on BBC News this morning is that "the BBC has learned" (i.e. doubtless meaning that it's been told all about it by the same pro-EU campaigners who star in the article itself!) that various lawyers and a "think tank" are considering legal challenges to the government over the single market:

The article, after outlining the arguments of the lawyers, then refers to British Influence:

"Think tank" is one way of putting it. It doesn't appear to be the correct way though. "Pressure group" seems more accurate. Wikipedia says this of the organisation:

You get none of that background in the BBC article. Even the website of the organisation jokingly calls itself a "re-think tank" (i.e. a campaign group rather than a proper think tank). The BBC is making them sound like 'experts'. 


  1. This looks like the classic 'News for Sheep' item - clearly important to the BBC flock, but of little interest otherwise.

  2. Speaking of Rule #1, via Guido's site, they've done it again:

    BBC News 24’s coverage of the death of Cuban military dictator Fidel Castro was beyond parody at some points this weekend. They had Richard Gott on as an “Expert on Cuba” without mentioning the role for which he is better known – as a KGB agent of influence and close colleague of Seumas Milne when he was at The Guardian. Dr Denise Baden was introduced as a Southampton University Professor in the Business School – viewers may have thought she was an academic expert. This was far too modest an introduction for Professor Baden…
    She is also a musical impresario, writer and composer of “Fidel the Musical“. Mel Brooks, eat your heart out

    They don't care anymore. It must be deliberate at this point, just to wind people up.

    1. She was one of the "far-leftist fans of Castro (albeit all 'experts')" I half-remembered in a previous post:

      There was one after another of them on the BBC News Channel around that time, and I only monitored about five hours of it.


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