Sunday 20 November 2016

The Sun shines on Nick Pisani

From Nick Pisani's Linkedin page

The Sun is reporting that "a top BBC producer who campaigned on Bob Geldof’s pro-EU flotilla is to mastermind a flagship Brexit show. Diehard Remainer Nick Pisani [former Question Time editor and Conservative Party PR chief] will edit a debate to be broadcast to a global audience."

Mr Pisani was very vocal on Twitter in his opposition to both Brexit and Brexiters. 

Iain Duncan Smith is quoted as saying:
Like Bob Geldof, the BBC is sticking two fingers up to the British people. A man with such clearly entrenched views should never have been put in charge of a programme like this.
The debate is being broadcast on the BBC World News Channel next Saturday and Sunday and will be shown on the BBC Parliament Channel at 20:45 next Sunday.

Googling the details, it turns out that the proposition up for discussion is:
Speaking in favour are Douglas Carswell and Patrick Minford. Speaking against are Anna Soubry and Alexander Stubb. Hosting it will be Zeinab Badawi.

Nick and Bob

A BBC spokesman is quoted in The Sun as saying:
As a debate show, the views expressed are those of a panel of people representing both sides of the argument, not the production team.  
Anyone working on behalf of the BBC is expected to leave their opinions at the door, plus the programme is overseen by a senior executive to ensure balance. ell, time will tell. 
Well, time will tell.

"Anyone working on behalf of the BBC is expected to leave their opinions at the door" though?

Wonder if the BBC spokesman said that with a straight face? If not, he must have been locked away in a cupboard recently [like a spare robot] given that people working on behalf of the BBC have been blatantly bringing their opinions in through the door and spraying the BBC airwaves (and us) with them on an increasingly regular basis for months now.


P.S. An amusing satirical reposte, via Going Postal:
A BBC spokesman said, "Anyone working on behalf of the BBC is expected to leave their opinions at the door and pick up ours on the way in".


  1. Leave your opinions at the door! lol that's a good one. Most BBC staff tuck their opinions into their socks, in their handbags and in their top pockets to bring them out as needed...usually by framing questions a certain way, by selective choice of vox pops and by body language or tone of voice.

  2. Do they though? 52ish percent voted leave so surely a few work at the BBC too terrified to come out of the closet and go against the Beebs clear editorial bias. I like to imagine them occasionally trying to slip something in to make the BBC look silly.

  3. Considering the debate is framed from a Remainiac (You're a Racist Who Will Make Our Country Poorer Just So You Can Close the Borders) perspective, it's already over. If you're using the language of your opponent, you've already lost the argument.

    Is Pisani the 'senior executive' who will ensure balance? Whoever it is has already failed here.

  4. Looking at that line up I detect a complete stitch-up and smell several carefully placed rats.

    Firstly, why is the motion framed this way? Border control is a weasel phrase. You could say as Remainiacs do, that we have border control now. The issue rather is are we going to be able to prevent EU migrants settling in this country if we don't wish them to. Moreover, who exactly is arguing for us being members of the single market? It's not clear that anyone of any significance is.

    Then why choose a loose cannon like Carswell? Because he looks slightly bonkers and his appearance will further splits in UKIP? He has stated he did not like Farage's campaign and that the reason for the Leave vote being successful "was not primarily immigration." So he seems not the most natural sposkesperson to back a motion talking about prioritising border control over the single market.

    And why Patrick Minford of all people? Minford has made clear he sees us deindustrialising completely and becoming wholly dependent on the Finance sector. I doubt that is a mainstream view within the Leave camp but it is very useful for Remainiacs to present that as the general Leave position on our economic future, not least because of course the Finance sector really functions of the back of free movement for its staff.

  5. The Beeboids would not recognise the term 'balanced opinion' if it came up and slapped their neoliberal faces. It is entirely hostile to anything other than a radical UK-hating agenda. I honestly think most people in this country only want to see a little fair play... they are not racist or anti europe... but that neutral position is not exceptable to the BBC and their agenda of public brain washing. Sad but I am afraid all too true.

  6. For what it's worth, and as a true friend from across the pond, I think one of the unfolding tragedies in this country, and a subtext to this discussion, is that the last 5 years or so have seen a real diminution in the independence of the BBC purely as a result of the way the conservatives have used budget negotiations to tighten the screws on the BBC. It has its faults, but the BBC is admired the world round and risking its reputation for independence is not something I would do lightly. I say this all with the utmost respect for a country I have called home for many years now.

  7. So... did anyone actually watch the programme? Did they detect any sleight of hand in its editing? Have any of the panellists claimed their views were misrepresented. Perhaps IDS would do well to shove a pikelet in his gob in future before calling into question the professionalism of an experienced journalist. But, then again, I expect he cares more for playing to the gallery than giving any thought to the damage he might be doing to someone's professional reputation. The Quiet Man should stick to what he's good at. For the avoidance of doubt: ssshhhut up and keep quiet.


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