Wednesday 9 November 2016

Snapshot III

While we're on that Who's Won the White House? BBC One special tonight...

There was bleak, threatening mood music accompanying an item by pro-EU BBC veteran Allan Little, and his piece didn't hesitate to draw links between the "fear" felt by Trump supporter and Brexit supporters ("from western Pennsylvania to Brexit Britain") or to make some familiar 'Remoaner' points:
It is a revolt too against governing elites - people perceived to have done well out of the globalised economy. 
And that distrust has walked hand in hand with a revolt against expertise. 
It has brought a new age of post-truth politics - first, public scepticism towards the glib and oily arts of political spin; now a widespread disregard for evidence. 
The Brexit campaign promised £350 million a week available for the NHS. It wasn't true but it didn't matter.


  1. I can name a few things from the Remain campaign that weren't true, all of which were repeated as Gospel by the BBC. The country being poorer (Osborne gave a specific amount), Leave wanted to shut the borders completely, Cameron would stay on as PM in the interests of stability regardless of the result, the Single Market meant access to 500 million consumers, Europe is an analogue of the EU, Britain would be at the back of the queue on trade deals.

    By the way, the white supremacists in Western Pennsylvania voted for Obama in 2008. Can't imagine what's changed.

    Any mention of political correctness become fascist and divisive? Any mention of liberties being eroded for the many while the few enjoy privilege and can act above the law? Any mention of celebutards and politicians flying to Climate Summits on private jets while telling the rest of us to reduce our consumption because it's a crisis? It's so much more than the tedious "Left Behind" narrative.

    To hell with this guy, and to hell with the lot of them.

  2. It's being the elected representative of the people, asking the people to vote on what they want and then having the nerve to ignore them when they don't agree. They just don't get it.

  3. I believe that more people have now said that the Leave campaign said £350m would go to the NHS every week, than anybody has ever said that we send £350m to the EU every week.


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