Saturday 26 November 2016

On Twitter

Here's a flavour of what's happening on Twitter this morning...

First Guido Fawkes on the BBC and its Castro coverage:

And talking of Richard Gott, he was also on Today this morning:

And here's a similar take on the BBC's coverage to that of Guido's:

Plus here's more reaction to John Simpson:

And as for 'the exception that proves the rule' at the BBC, well, here's Andrew Neil:

And finally, though non-BBC-related, here's something in a similar spirit:


  1. This is getting beyond parody! You'd think there'd be a least one comedian willing to mock all of this.

  2. Romanticising despots was probably acceptable when John Simpson was in student digs with the obligatory Che Guevara poster on the wall, but the man is supposed to be a grown up. It really speaks volumes about just how second rate BBC journalism is.

    Paul Mason, Ken Livingstone, Peter Hain and the rest of Castro’s apologists are the natural descendants of the idiots on the British left who were blind to the evils of Stalin's USSR.

  3. It's wrong when Andrew Neil tweets his opinions, too.


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