Sunday 27 November 2016

Less moderate

The BBC is nothing if not predictable at times. 

Seeing (on Twitter) that the result of the race from the presidential candidacy of the French centre-right has resulted (by a huge margin) in the triumph of the more right-wing of the two candidates, M. Fillon, I immediately clicked onto the BBC website to see if the BBC had committed some act of bias (as a blogger about BBC bias inevitably tends to do, alas). 

And guess what? There it is, straight away: Bias!

Yes, M. Fillon is less moderate than M. Juppe, according to the BBC. What with being more right-wing 'n' all. 

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  1. Did the BBC mention M. Juppe has a criminal record related to corruption? That's pretty par of course for senior French politicians...if Fillon hasn't got one, that might explain why he won.


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