Wednesday 9 November 2016

Relishing the moment

There's an excellent post by Kathy Gyngell at The Conservative Woman on the US election, with several fine bits about the BBC too - including about Kathy's appearance on last week's Sunday Morning Live

Here's why the Trump victory - and the BBC's reaction to the Trump victory - matters to Kathy. I suspect it might ring true with some of you as well:
But why more than anything I am relishing this moment is because I am so sick of being shamed into silence about my views by the MSM and polite society; of being told to go to re-education camp or that I ‘misspoke’ as BBC presenter Naga Munchetty told me when I was on Sunday Morning Live last week. I am sick of being told Trump is just too vulgar to be discussed and it’s an aspersion on my character to want him to win. What about his all important challenge to a morally defunct and self righteous elite?

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