Monday 7 November 2016

Stronger Together

Kim 'n' Hillary. 'Stronger together'

Here's a video of Kim Ghattas standing next to Hillary today - "sucking up, before asking her a lapdog question", as DB so accurately puts it. 

There's a bit of dark humour to be had from the fact that Hillary's fawning bodyguard of journalists (with the BBC's Kim Ghattas as her right-hand woman) is seen posing in front of a plane bearing the slogan 'Stronger Together'.

If ever an image ever spoke much truer than it meant this might very well be it.


  1. Then it came to pass that the Righteous One sayeth unto the assembled multitude: "Yeah, even the humble reporter shall be seated at my right hand if she worketh for the BBC and ask me easy lob questions."

  2. Ghattas wrote a book about her time basking in Hillary's light. She wrote in part, she said, to come to terms with her own misgivings about US power.


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