Thursday 24 November 2016

Israel fires 'trending'

It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about the BBC’s lack of interest in the Arabic-speaking media’s outpouring of antisemitic bile. 
Well, today there’s a breakthrough!

Don’t get too excited though. It’s buried in an article about the fires currently raging in northern Israel. In the penultimate paragraph to be precise. 
“Meanwhile, the Arabic-language hashtag #Israel_on_fire began trending, with the majority of tweets expressing pleasure over the outbreak.”

I was about to joke that it will be featured on BBC Trending soon. The joke’s on me. It is. The lighthearted, almost jocular tone of the piece gives the impression that BBC Trending doesn’t take it very seriously

Some of the gloating tweeters are saying it’s retribution for this


  1. Trump-daft though he is-will certainly be a better friend to Israel than the useless Omaba-and the even likelier prospect that Clinton would only have made things worse.
    Maybe that`s the only reason G-D let him win. Can`t think of any other reasons!

  2. Can you imagine any other subject on hate speech being treated so lightly by the BBC? Nowhere on the BBC Trending is there any indication that to welcome destruction of lives and properties in fires is hateful and morally reprehensible. The condemnation is reserved for the "controversial" bill to control noise levels of the Muslim call to prayer.


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