Monday 28 November 2016

Andrew Neil again

Here's an intriguing tweet from Andrew Neil ('the exception which proves the rule'):

Wonder which "broadcasters" he has in mind exactly? I've seen and heard lots of those very vox pops on the BBC, and I'm betting he has too.

P.S. And here he is again, just now, giving an "unashamedly left wing" tweeter a less-than-140-character tongue-lashing:

He may be about as impartial as Hugh Sykes on Twitter but, unlike our Hugh, he's a basher of all sides while broadcasting for the BBC (particularly 'his own' - as my old interruptions stats showed many a year back). 


  1. Well said, that man, but he's still breaking the BBC rules and this only enables the worst of them to get away with it.

  2. Well this brings us back to the rules. Aren't the rules a bit of a nonsense. It's not the fact that reporters have views that is an issue but that nearly all BBC staff's views are left-liberal, pro-PC, pro-mass immigration, pro-EU etc etc.

  3. I'm surprised Neil hasn't been reprimanded for all these tweets and been sent to the naughty step yet.

  4. He seems to be ramping it up even more.

    Must have an awesome contract.

  5. Great little wind-up on This Week last night. I think he will get away with it this time and the BBC likes to make room for opinion pieces on certain shows, and this is clearly meant to be humor. But how many Beeboids will be freaking out at how much he's allowed to say when they feel they aren't?

    Or will this just lead to even more Beeboids waving their opinions in everyone's faces rather than leaving them at the door?

  6. Forgot the link:


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