Monday 14 November 2016

Katty sinks her claws into Brexit (again)

"Naughty, naughty Katty Kay"

Katty Kay, the face of BBC World News America and co-host (with Andrew Neil) on the BBC's US election night coverage has been shooting her mouth off again about Brexit on NBC's Meet the Press:
I agree on the Brexit thing. And I'm thinking about the Trump team this week because when I was in London during the Brexit vote, members of the Leave campaign went to bed that night thinking that they had lost and they woke up staggered the next morning that they had won. We did opinion polls afterwards that showed that, actually, if we were to hold the referendum again, Remain would win. 
There were people who came on the BBC who said, "You know what? I voted to leave but I didn't actually think we were going to leave. It was a protest vote." And I think what we've seen during the course of this week is the kind of simple, clarion call of change crashing up against the complexity of actually governing.
What she said, of course, is simply not true:


  1. 'BBC employee confident in talking utter pants to a nation will have zero consequences shock"

  2. You haven't highlighted the important point here: ... 'when I was in London during the Brexit vote' ... This says it all. Fly in, stay at a swanky London hotel, visit the swanky new BBC building, chat to a few on-message folks in telly-land, and fly back home again.

    1. Oh!, I forgot: And then act surprised when you realise you didn't pick up on what the UK as a whole was thinking

    2. There were plenty of alternatives to saying 'when I was in London during the Brexit vote'. Katty could have said, ... 'when I was in the UK during the vote', .... ' Whilst I was with a group of voters during the UK Referendum' ..... 'I travelled to the UK at the time of the vote'.... etc etc

      I have watched the BBC World News America many a time in the US, and all BBC UK coverage is centred upon London alone. Rarely is there any UK regional coverage apart from perhaps some light-hearted 'and finally' topic. It is easy to understand how Katty might think that London is the UK and the UK is London.

    3. And she's shocked that life outside the bubble is different. Still, after all these years, the woman's intellect is limited.

  3. I note that the article on Lying Katty is followed by one on something else slimy and repulsive. Try not to be repetitive, please.


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