Sunday 13 November 2016

Mr Marr Meets Jeremy Corbyn

Just sticking for a moment with The Andrew Marr Show, Andrew's interview with Jeremy Corbyn was so dull it gave me a real sense of what it must be like to be in a coma. No interruptions, barely any challenges. Even the Corbynistas on Twitter (well, the few that weren't raging at Mr Marr over Marine le Pen) seemed happy enough with well they might. 

The paper review featured Lord Dannatt, Richard Tice from Leave means Leave and Christiane Amanpour from CNN (the latter showing why CNN might not be considered quite the voice of impartiality it thinks it is). Ms Amanpour certainly talked over Mr Tice a lot. 


  1. Maybe they were hoping Ms. A could repeat her last triumph over Daniel Hannan?

    The ever-impartial, razor sharp interviewer that is Andy 'tired and emotional' Groper Marr clearly no push back or push over here.

  2. I'm watching this now, and I've lost count of the number of lies that have been told about Trump without a single raised eyebrow from Marr. The last one was Corbyn talking about whom Trump has blamed for the middle and working classes being...wait for it..."left behind". Corbyn said Trump "blamed Muslims, he blamed Mexicans, he blamed women..." Women? Where did that come from? He didn't blame Muslims for anything to do with economics or corporate greed. Astonishing fantasy.
    Marr went on to support Corbyn's lies.

    Trump didn't actually "demonize" Mexicans. He said that criminals do come in with the illegals, which is true.

    I knew it would be an episode of clucking propaganda when they introduced Christiane Amanpour, who once expressed anger to her fellow journalists for George W Bush becoming the Republican nominee in 2000. "How did we allow" this to happen, she asked her colleagues. Naturally, she bleated about how much hate Trump has unleashed.

    In people like her, anyway.

    Corbyn just said that all those Northern Labour voters who voted for Brexit blamed foreigners when they should be blaming how corporations bled them dry and left them behind, and the communities have been destroyed by Thatcher and Reagan, and deregulation. When you have a Marxist hammer.....

    "The Left Behind communities..." The solution, apparently is to take the NHS approach to industry in Britain. Marr laps it all up, not a single challenge or request for clarification. Has he changed his mind about Corbyn's electability and is now giving him the standard Marr pet treatment? Or maybe they're just in agreement on Corbyn's general policies as expressed today?

    I'm not sure I can stomach watching the Marine Le Pen segment. The rise of her party in France has precious little to do with why Trump got elected. But as ever, than can be no legitimate opposition to any BBC-approved thought, so only racism could cause any dissent, like voting for Trump or a white supremacist party in France.


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