Wednesday 23 November 2016

ews...breaking news...breaking news...breaking news...breaki...

BBC Breaking News sent out this tweet at around 12.50 today:

Shome mishtake, shurely?

That echoed this on the BBC News website's live feed, which I screengrabbed earlier (about half an hour after it was posted):

Shame mishtake, shurely?

Some time later in the afternoon, the BBC website's live feed at 12:48 was edited (on the sly). It now reads:

That's more like it!


  1. They've got a bit of a downer on Brexit! :)

    One point to make, the BBC will no doubt constantly remind us, should lower growth come to pass, that the OBR was originally forecasting higher growth. But the OBR's estimates are always highly politicised and usually wide of the mark, so had we Remained, there is still every possibility they forecasts would have been wrong. Comparing growth with our ex EU partners is probably a more reasonable measure, although not especially meaningful. And these are GDP totals, remember, taking no account of the fact that thanks to mass immigration our population is growing at a huge 500,000 per annum so the "pie" is now being shared out between more people. If population growth slows post Brexit, the per capita performance may actually be better than would have been the case had we remained, even if the total is not as high as would have otherwise been the case.

  2. Oh it`s the BBC!
    Is there ANYBODY out here that thinks they`ve got anything new to say?
    Or is it Brexit, Trump and Alinsky-lite agitprop from here until we stop paying to get our faces slapped, and a pixie boot ground into our faces for ever and a day?
    I mean-after 2015s election result, they`ve been psychotically unhinged about us voting against their collective wish.
    We`ve disconnected..and they rage to themselves as we fund them.

  3. Anti Brexit Pesto has gone full in the tank in complement.

    Don't know what in his past may have led to this.

  4. In other words, all back to normal once Brexit has actually happened and two years have passed after Article 50 is invoked. Sort of kills the whole Narrative, doesn't it?

  5. Not taking credit for it, as I'm sure I wasn't the only one, but I e-mailed their bizlivepage e-mail address at 1.03pm when I spotted that confirmation biased, but inaccurate graphic of the growth forecast figures, titled:

    'Down, down, down, down...'


    '…says the BBC.

    Even when for the current year it’s actually up.

    Your determination that we’re all doomed by recent political events is so deeply ingrained that you just can’t help yourselves can you?'

    Anyway, 15 minutes later it had been fixed. Twerps.


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