Sunday 27 November 2016

Food for thought

Harry's Place continues to give food for thought. 

The latest post there, Mehrdad Amanpour's Who gave us post truth, conspiracy culture and the alt-right?, is very strong indeed.

Mehrdad is talking to the Left, but right-wingers will most likely find it of considerable interest too. His own reaction to the (non-)reporting of the Muslim grooming scandals is of particular interest.

He could be talking about the BBC throughout (given that they exemplify many of the left-leaning behaviours he describes) and, at one point, he is specifically talking about the BBC: 
The same applies to the Migrant Crisis – who can forget how European leaders, the BBC and the left-wing press referred (and in some cases still refer) to the migrants as “Syrian Refugees, fleeing war”, sometimes adding a photograph of a woman and child.
All the right had to do here was to provide evidence (of which there is plenty from reputable sources) that most of the migrants were neither Syrian, nor women and children nor were most “fleeing” countries that were at war. With that, the establishment version of ‘truth’ was discredited and the right’s argument was won without the actual complexities of the issue even needing to be addressed.
I'd like to quote the whole thing, but you can read it verbatim at the (second) link above. Please do. 

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