Tuesday 15 November 2016

Despite Brexit

From BBC News on Twitter:

The phrase "despite Brexit" isn't one I can see anywhere in what Google's chief executive said. It looks as if it's the BBC's choice of words.


  1. Narrative? What narrative? Spiteful Beeboid tasked with writing these posts. But let's be grateful that they didn't then go on to moan about how Google still won't pay more taxes, and leaving the EU will let them get away with it.

  2. Must be one of those fake news websites - I'd pay it no heed.

  3. Surely it should be "despite the BBC" these days.

  4. The first supermoon since January 1948, despite ******.

  5. BBC now concerned about "fake news" delivering a Trump presidency. But the BBC spreads false news every day.

    Chris Cook on Newsnight said the polls got close to the actual result of the popular vote when six gave it 4-7% for Hillary Clinton! (Two gave her a 3% lead and one a 2% lead, while two polls - wrongly - gave the poll to Trump). So what Chris Cook said wasn't true.



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