Saturday 19 November 2016

Well, Samira didn't interview herself this week after all, but...

Rob Burley

It was a strange Newswatch this week.

There was nothing strange about the BBC editor, Rob Burley of The Andrew Marr Show, coming on and saying that the BBC had got it right (over that interview with Marine le Pen - about which "hundreds" of people had complained to the BBC) because that's famously what BBC editors normally do on Newswatch...

...but it was strange that Samira Ahmed was interviewing the man who normally edits Newswatch (the selfsame Rob Burley) yet completely failed to mention the fact. It took someone on Twitter - after the programme was broadcast - to take Samira up on the point:

She didn't explain why it wasn't spelled out though.

The other strange aspects were:
  • (a) the beyond-parody fact that the regular editor of Newswatch was appearing on his own show and, instead of going out of his way to be different to nearly all of the other BBC editors who've appeared on Newswatch, simply went through the usual 'we got it about right' routine. and 
  • (b) that Samira was actually more vigorous in her questioning than usual. That could be either because (i) she was projecting her own views through her viewers or (ii) because she was being professional and making her own editor sweat even more than other BBC editors or (iii) both of the above.
  • (c) the 'ordinary BBC viewers' featured were well-known journalist Tim Walker and Joseph Young, founder of the Arts for EU campaign.

All of that said, Mr Burley seemed a personable enough fellow and made sense. (The BBC did get it about right this time). And his appearance has, inevitably, brought out the certain elements on the Left:


  1. Those Hills, eh?

    It's what Jenny would have tweeted. Views her own, of course.

  2. I guess Tim Hill is evidence of b(i).

    I want to say the BBC got it about right for doing the interview in the first place, but they got it horribly wrong by doing it specifically to place the onus on Trump for the rise of far-right racist groups in Europe.

    Funny how that wasn't one of Samira's concerns.

  3. It was right to conduct the interview with Le Pen. It was completely wrong for the BBC, (Marr), to apologise for doing so, (some snowflakes might have been 'triggered').

  4. People like Ahmed and Burley are simply shouting to us "Shut us down!!! Right now!". It's only people like David Attenbrough, Andrew Neil and Alice Roberts who are saying "No - don't...think of what you'll lose..."


    Surely Ahmed is bringing the BBC into disrepute with Tweets like this. Isn't it time for the BBC to sack her.

  6. With BBC One, the News Channel and PM making a lot of the Mike Pence/Hamilton story, various commentators were making the following point yesterday:

    Rob Ford, Manchester Uni:
    If you're a journalist writing abt Trump "Hamilton" tweets in stead of Trump hard rt appts then you've learned nothing from last 18 mths

    Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph:
    Trump's Hamilton spat is a distraction, as @robfordmancs notes, but it's working. Overshadowed Trump University in US as soon as he tweeted.

    And Samira Ahmed, through a retweet, agreed:

    Samira Ahmed Retweeted
    Micah Grimes ‏@MicahGrimes 16 hours ago
    He tweets to distract
    He tweets to distract
    He tweets to distract
    He tweets to distract
    He tweets to distract


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