Sunday 17 December 2017

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Really, it's sometimes difficult to know what to make of media reporting these days. 

The horrific news that a female UK diplomat has been murdered in Lebanon is being widely reported, but different news outlets are reporting or, in some cases not reporting, different aspects of the story.

You read the Sky and ITV websites and they report speculation about a sexual motive.

You then read the BBC website and they don't report speculation about a sexual motive. 

And then you turn to Mail Online and their headline is British female embassy worker is found dead in Beirut after being 'raped, strangled and dumped by the side of a motorway'

Obviously, the BBC is aware of this speculation of a sexual motive for the murder but is choosing not to report it. 

Is the BBC suppressing an angle to the story that they should be reporting, or is the BBC exercising restraint and behaving responsibly in not reporting that angle until it becomes more than mere speculation?

Or could the BBC be holding back, awaiting news about who murdered Rebecca Dykes, before they report that angle?

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  1. The BBC don't hang back when they are eager to establish motive. We all know that. The appalling John Sweeney was quick to point to a racist motive for the murder of an East European man in Essex and even more to encourage someone to denounce Nigel Farage in connection with it. It was later shown in court to have no racist motive.


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