Saturday 9 December 2017

The Unanswered Question

First the tweet:

Then the reply:

And then the silence.


  1. And still, sadly, no answer. It's like the BBC only ASKS ze questions.

  2. Of course, only Brexiteers are ever split. Remainers are never split...even when they are - at least according to the BBC! But of course Remainers are split along a number of fault lines: Cameronian "Eurosceptics" v True Believers (like Clarke, Blair and Mandelson)...those who want the EU to dilute its principles and offer a deal on migration v No Borders types...Soggy Left EU Luvvies v Corbynista Leninist Tacticians...those who want a Second Referendum (some Soggy Leftists) v those who want a General Election and a win for staying in (Lib Dems)...those who want to replicate EU membership v. those for whom only EU membership will pass muster...those who want the EU to be frozen in aspic with its current odd balance between nation states, international Council, transnational Commission, and democratic input at a European level (EU Parliament) v those who want to create a United State of Europe with its own "democratic" structure, army and foreign policy.

    And does Nick Robinson ever point to such divisions? Not if he can help it.

    1. The BBC are always a hoot on splits.

      One I treasure most is their reporting of the Guardian reporting of the 10:10 premature explosion video.

      In their 'report' on the sorry fall-out, they covered a Graun attempt to explain their support on a CiF and the comments in reply as 'views were split'.

      The 'split' being something around 2,000 to 13 appalled.

      It would be interesting to ask a Rob Burley or Emmy Meritless if they are more in the Neil or Robbo camp when it comes to MSM reporters being as bent as nine Euro notes.

      But he'd probably be too busy tilting at right wingmills to answer.


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