Saturday 2 December 2017

More value judgments...Not a Sheep on Anthony Zurcher

Anthony Zurcher

Talking about the BBC and value judgments (as we have been today), here's another example from Not a Sheep about a typical Anthony Zurcher contribution to a BBC website report:


  1. Look at Zurcher's twitter account...

    His Trumpophobia has reached Robert Moore (ITV) style levels of derangement. :)

    And notice how keen he is to defend Hillary with a typical bit of BBC diversion - pointing out Trump should have said "bleached" rather than "acid washed" for the cleansing of her hard drive (something that is not Fake News but plain, attested fact) - the one she was using for illegal purposes (illegal as attested by the FBI - they let her off on the absurd grounds that "she didn't know it was illegal").

  2. Goood interview with Katy Hopkins -

    Remember she is a sane voice that extreme anti-free-speech groups like "Stop Funding Hate", "Hate Not Hope", and the "BBC" wanted to censor, silence and prosecute.


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