Sunday 17 December 2017

Partial reporting

News in The Mail on Sunday that a Conservative MP has been sent death threats and his pregnant wife threatened after the MP heckled Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Question Time has spread into other newspapers' reporting of Mrs May's condemnation of threats and abuses against MPs. The top comment under that MoS report reads, "Funny how the likes of the BBC don't report this." When I read the lead story on the BBC News website this morning, I won't be derailed on Brexit - May, I noticed that the subheading reads 'Death threats' and thought, 'Well, maybe the BBC has reported this after all'. But alas no. Unlike, say the Telegraph or the Independent (both of which report the MoS's story whilst reporting Mrs May's comments), the BBC only focuses on the disgusting threats against anti-Brexit Conservative parliamentarians. 


  1. One notices that The Marr Show has a rare appearance Ms. Abbott. I wonder if the topic of abuse will be raised by her, or Andrew, and if so, how selectively?

    Which reminds me; Rob Burley is in full flow on Twitter.

    1. #thatwentwellthen

      Rob being very careful on who he replies to, about what.


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