Wednesday 27 December 2017

Tougher even than Brexit

Today business reporter Rob Young was tasked this morning with answering Prince Harry's question about the link between mental health and the nation's productivity. Rob's reply began with some typical BBC 'Project Fear' language:
Yes, good morning. Productivity is the biggest challenge that our economy faces, tougher even than Brexit.
 Good grief!

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  1. Let me guess...Rob Young did not identify mass immigration as a cause of flat-lining productivity? I always chuckle when the BBC introduces the subject as it is invariably discussed as a "puzzle", "paradox", "conundrum" and the like. The collected brilliant minds from the BBC, Guardian, Independent, FT and Economist etc simply can't think of what might be causing the flat-lining...when most sane, sensible people could tell you in two minutes.


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