Monday 4 December 2017

Sunday morning viewing

I couldn’t help spotting irony in kindly Sheikh Mogra’s contribution to the Sunday programme featuring the Pew report. 
In the context of the projected rise in Europe’s Muslim population (to 18% by 20150) the good Sheikh said it will work out fine if WE stop invading MUSLIM Countries. 
Who’s invading whom?


I listen to Andrew Marr on Start the Week occasionally, and he always impresses with his grasp of the issues discussed, sometimes extremely complex ones, such as  this morning’s episode. Russia, religion and the Middle East.

Andrew Marr has many talents, but I don’t think presenting the Andrew Marr show is one of them.
I was just thinking, in view of Rob Burley’s wry Twittering, why not swap jobs? Burley presents the Andrew Marr Show and  Andrew Marr produces it. Win-win.

Further to Craig’s astute observations about the paper review 
“Andrew Marr was trying to conduct an interview with Nigel Farage during the paper review, challenging him about those Trump tweets, Britain First and his EU pension - something that would have been much better done as a proper interview not during a supposedly relaxed paper review with two others leaping in to 'help' in harrying the ‘interviewee’.”
(admittedly, Rob Burley would have had to undergo even more flak had Farage been invited as an interviewee proper.) 
Craig referred to Ayesha Hazarika’s (and Nigel Farage’s) verbal incontinence  as 'a shouty affair', but Ms Hazarika was the one  throwing out ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ like there was no tomorrow. 

Isn’t it odd that certain female pundits (men don’t do this so much) show their disrespect, nay, disgust, by gurning and squirming during an opponent's  attempt to “finish their point”. Ayesha gurned like a demented Yasmin Alibhai Brown, and (Craig politely referred to it as a hubbub) she and Farage continually interrupted each other, effectively drowning each other out. Andrew Marr didn’t seem to have the will nor the way to put things back in order.

Presenters! Take back control!

I spotted that tell-tale  'at last we agree on something’ from Andrew Marr as he signed off Jacob Rees Mogg, and I do think Rob Burleys’s retort was a tad glib:
“Well you don't know anything about Andrew's views. Think it was a jocular end to the interview which shouldn't be taken seriously really.”  
As Tweeter  “Tesh” remarked, I can’t see him saying that to “a leftist”, even in jest.

Still on Sunday viewing, Alan Milburn has resigned from something or other...

but when did he quit producing “One Big Family” for the BBC?


  1. Do you think Rob Burley's mum was sorely tried?

    "Ooh Rob, I had a terrible time giving birth to you." "Really? Really, Mother? Are you sure you've got the right perspective here? The focus here has got to be the baby and as far as I was concerned it was a perfectly normal birth. There's no point in rushing out is there? You don't get extra points for being born quickly, you know."

    "Have you done your homework Rob?" "Done my homework? I've done nothing but homework for the last five you decide to focus on one day out of 1600, as though that is going effect the overall outcome of my education, which I feel confident is going to be positive."

    1. I wonder if he still talks to his Mum?

      Or quietly ignores stuff she asks because they really don't suit?

  2. I remember first seeing Mogra on Channel 4's "Sharia TV". (began in 2004 but didn't last much beyond 7/7 the following year). Don't know if anyone else remembers it...but it was a most egregious affair...a fake non-debate between only Muslims after which the presenter would turn to the red-hatted Mogra (or possibly some other scholar) to ask for his judgement which of course was final and not subject to further debate. Talk about promoting the wrong sort of cultural values.

    1. ...and here's his Twitter thing...

      No doubt this much vaunted moderate from Leicester, the home of moderation, will be doing everything he can to support UK institutions and cultural integration...let's see...first tweet up:

      "Girls in hijab questioned by Ofsted inquisitors should tell them to get lost and mind their own business"

      Well that's OK, then!: he wants an important state body to be frustrated in carrying out its lawful duties. Nice.


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