Sunday 31 December 2017

In Praise of Baron Bragg

As it's New Year's Eve, here's a tweet from Tim Montgomerie:

Though I wouldn't agree that it's "on its own, just about worth the licence fee" (that would be going way too far), but it is "unparalleled in its consistent excellence" (and forget the 'almost'!). Plus Baron Bragg of Wigton FRS, FBA, FRSA, FRSL, FRTS is incomparable as its guiding light.

So well done Melvyn, and please keep up the good work in 2018!

P.S. Here's an ITBB exclusive. Lord Bragg's name actually came first on this year's Honours List - at least according to the Government's official NY18 Queens List page

And, ITBB 'has learned' (from reading the same government website) that he shares his Order of the Companion of Honour will just one other person this New Year: Lady Antonia Fraser (of history, champagne socialism and Harold Pinter fame). 

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