Saturday 2 December 2017

Further to the previous post....

And yes, Sangita Myska did re-tweet a piece of fake news:

It is a photoshopped image:


  1. I don't get the point of Twitter users like Ms Myska, she wears all the badges of her employer as if to give herself some authority/credibility and then claims that her views are her own.
    All people like her do is undermine any claim by her employer to be impartial unless she is absolutely straight down the line, an impossibility.
    What pupose do her tweets serve? Any comment risks her or the BBC's reputation for impartiality and any original reporting is giving away material that her employer has the intellectual right to. It would be like The Sun's ace reporter tweeting an 'exclusive' in advance of the newspaper hitting the streets.

  2. Whatever is the authentic version, the tweeter clearly doesn’t have much faith in the literacy skills of the outraged twitterati either. Evidenced by the circle, arrow… and the asterisk. Just in case they don’t get it.

  3. Like Simpson, Kay, Lineker et al bBBCers have to virtue signal all the time to seek validation from their bBBC colleagues and to continually prove their left liberal crendentials. It’s an echo chamber mainly but also secures continued employment. Such is the peculiar culture within the presenting staff of bBBC.


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