Sunday 31 December 2017

Guess who?

And to round off today's string of posts about this morning's Broadcasting House on Radio 4, can you guess which three public figures the programme selected to express their hopes for 2018?

(Samira Ahmed will be pleased. Nigel Farage wasn't among them).

Well, there was space scientist Monica Grady, League of Gentlemen member Mark Gatiss...and, somewhat provocatively, anti-Brexit crusader Gina Miller.

Yes, that Gina Miller!

Gina, naturally made the kind of anti-Brexit point you - and, surely, the BBC too - would expect her to make.


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  1. I am surprised that Samira Ahmed hasn't been tweeting about the inappropriateness of a non-party leader, non MP, like Gina Miller getting so much air time to pronounce on matters of public policy...but it seems she's quite relaxed about that - it's elected MEP Nigel Farage whom she really wishes to persecute. How odd!


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