Friday 5 April 2019

An anecdote about Google's head of global affairs and communications

A 'truth' from this week's The Unbelievable Truth made me laugh even more than the jokes. 

The truth in question was: "Posters of Nick Clegg were seen in Las Vegas airport". 

David Mitchell-Coren went on to explain:
In 2017 several British tourists noticed an image of Nick Clegg featuring in a poster plastered throughout Las Vegas airport that apologised for ongoing maintenance work and assured passengers that upgrades were on the horizon. It transpired that the graphic artist responsible for the poster assumed the photo of Nick Clegg was a stock image and used it in error. The airport apologised, saying "We had no idea who he was".  
And here it is:

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  1. I've very disappointed that Nick Clegg chose to appear in a poster that is so undiverse and which promotes planet-killing carbon emissions. Has he no shame?


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