Wednesday 10 April 2019

Fancy that!

A BBC Radio 4 presenter from the ultra-Left (though he travels first-class on trains) has something to say about BBC bias:


Well, to be fair, it's true that all of the guests on last night' Newsnight were to the right of Michael Rosen...but, then again, who isn't to the right of Michael Rosen?

If you were wondering the cast list was: Conservative MP Alistair Burt, Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, Cambridge University's Helen Thompson, the SDP MEP Patrick O'Flynn, Change UK (and former Labour) MP Angela Smith, left-wing Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen, Sam Coates of 'The Times' and France 24's Benedicte Paviot.

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  1. Rosen - who states in an open letter he was "politically and personally close" to the SWP. The SWP - a Trotskyite and Marxist-Leninist outfit. So a supporter of Trotsky, who murdered thousands of striking working class sailors at Kronstadt. Doesn't get much more "right wing" than that, murdering striking workers. And then there's Lenin who approved tens off thousands of summary executions without trial.


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