Saturday 6 April 2019


Carrie steps in

Parliamentary lobby correspondent Adel Darwish has just tweeted a familiar sentiment (at least to readers of this blog):
Even when the BBC News Channel gets foreign correspondent (& the token home one) in their awful programme Dateline London, they have three Remoaners and one Brexiteer. I know this tweet states the known obvious...but, just saying.
Well, it sounds as if Adel has actually caught Dateline London on one of its better days, because quite often it's four Remoaners and no Brexiteers. 

I bet I can guess the Brexiteer. It's probably Alex Deane or Janet Daley. (Checks the BBC iPlayer: Yes, it's Janet Daley).

I would add that I still rather enjoy it, but the uniformity of thought revealed by many a Dateline panel even extended to the Israeli elections today, and Janet Daley surprised me by channelling her inner Yasmin Alibhai Brown with a brief diatribe about how Donald Trump "is a fascist of sorts" who is "so unattractive to enlightened voters of every description".

Now, it was at that last point that presenter Carrie Gracie literally raised her hands (as if alarmed) and said, "It's worth saying that obviously a lot of viewers are not going to agree with the "almost a fascist" line and the "undesirable to many enlightened voters", etc. We're not going to get into that", so at least she was conscious of her duty to say something along those lines after such a rhetorical outburst. 

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