Saturday 6 April 2019

Less than half the story

Avan Najmadeen

The BBC News website has a report in its Stoke and Staffordshire section headlined Man jailed for life for murdering wife in immigration row

Failed Iranian asylum seeker Dana Abdullah stabbed his estranged wife Avan Najmadeen to death "in a row over immigration", the BBC report says. 

Reading it you are told that the murdered lady had "refused to support his application to remain in the UK".

Read on through the piece's 15 paragraphs though till you read the very last paragraph and you'll find, almost as an afterthought, something startling: 
Other motives for the murder included Ms Najmadeen "starting a new relationship and converting to Christianity", Det Ch Insp Downing said.
And there the BBC report ends.  

Weirdly, the Independent has an extra angle on this that the BBC omits altogether. Its headline is Dana Abdullah: Illegal immigrant paedophile who murdered his estranged wife is jailed and its report begins by calling him "a convicted paedophile and illegal immigrant".

Why does the BBC's report omit the fact that this Iranian illegal immigrant is a convicted paedophile? 

The Independent goes on to say, "Stafford Crown Court heard Abdullah had threatened to kill Ms Najmadeen before, claiming she had “dishonoured” him after converting to Christianity". 

As so often, the BBC gives us half the story on these kinds of story and arranges the rest of the story with the utmost care.


  1. Well done BBC News team! Fine Islamoprotectionist result!! Only thing I would suggest (in line with the Festive Fifty Bias Techniques) is that you put the real news in the penultimate para, not the final para. Too many people skip to the final para when reading an article, so that doesn't help camouflage the non-PC news. :)

  2. It doesn't tell us that he is an illegal immigrant either. Or how he had a wife who has four young children - did they all come here with him or what? And how did he get only 18 years for stabbing her 50 times? Doesn't exactly sound like an accidental or unintended killing.

  3. Craig I checked with Newsniffer
    that final sentence \\Other motives for the murder included Ms Najmadeen "starting a new relationship and converting to Christianity", Det Ch Insp Downing said.//
    was added on later
    apparently only an hour after the original post, but I didn't notice that phrase yesterday.


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