Friday 19 April 2019

Dame Emma jets in to save the planet

Bias often shows itself in what you leave out as much as what you leave in. Take this, for example, from the BBC News website:

You'll notice that it misses out a part of the story that most other news outlets have not only included but actually turned into headline news, such as:

Daily Mail - Dame Emma jets 5400 miles to show how green she is!
The Times - Racking up air miles, Emma Thompson joins climate rebels
The Sun - ‘Hypocrite’ Emma Thompson flew 5,400 miles from Los Angeles to join London eco-warrior protest
ITV News - Dame Emma Thompson joins climate change protests after LA to London flight
Daily Telegraph - Emma Thompson 'wants to be arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest' - after flying from LA to take part
Independent - Dame Emma Thompson joins Extinction Rebellion climate change protests after flying to London from Los Angeles
Daily Mirror - Emma Thompson joins climate change protest - after hopping on 5,400-mile flight
Evening Standard - Dame Emma Thompson flies into London for climate protests as activists plan to disrupt Heathrow Airport

Is it just the BBC News website that's sparing Dame Emma's blushes? 

Well, using TV Eyes, I checked and compared Sky News and the BBC News Channel. 

Both of Sky's paper reviews last night discussed the 'hypocrisy' charge against Dame Emma, with the Sky presenter last night both times noting that her 5,400 mile flight does appear to "belie" the the protestors' focus on aviation, and Sky's paper review this morning moved back to it with the presenter noting that her flight must have "burned a little bit of fuel". Contrast that with the BBC News Channel where much less has been said - none of it critical of Dame Emma. One one paper review last night a guest alluded to the story only to sneer at the Daily Mail's "slant" on, and on this morning's BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty said, in an upbeat tone:
The Daily Mail is saying that climate change activists are "plotting to bring misery to Easter holidaymakers". Why do you see Emma Thompson on the front page there? Well, she's joined the protest. She flew from LA to London and has joined the protestors who are campaigning to make climate change more recognised.
Now, she could have been being deadpan there, if you just see that in writing. But it didn't sound deadpan. It sounded as if Naga hadn't even recognised the issue arising from the dame flying over from LA to London. 

The 'hypocrisy' angle just doesn't seem to be gripping the BBC.

Wonder if Have I Got News For You will mock her about it next week?


  1. That sounds like our Naga - there are so many connection she misses! Strictly autocue.

    Leaving the flying to one side, most multi-millionaire film actors have several large residences in various countries, often with heated swimming pools...all this requires disproportionate use of the Earth's energy and material resources.

    Or does Dame Emma live as a hermit in a cave munching on nuts and berries?


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