Wednesday 10 April 2019

Election night in Israel

5:00 am: Before going to bed last night I had a little glance at the BBC News website's report on the outcome of the Israeli election:

I smiled at how the piece went for just one exit poll to give the numbers, whereas the other exit polls (whose numbers were not quoted) looked better for Likud. 

As of 4:00 am (UK time), the Spectator was tweeting:

One hour later the BBC News website was still sticking with...

...and with that same exit poll projection.

Who's right?

Anyhow, while we're waiting for the final results, here's a BBC expert with his hot take:


5.10 am: Breaking BBC news (at 5 am)...

The first comment posted in response says:
This couldn’t be a less accurate headline nor could it display how little the BBC understand Israeli politics and the electoral system. The ‘winner’ is the leader of the party that will command a majority in the Knesset (parliament), and that’s Netanyahu by quite a margin.
Who's right?

6:05 am: Sky leaped some 45 minutes ago:

The BBC, as of an update one minute ago, is sticking with:

6:35 am: Well, this popped up three minutes. So, yes, the BBC got there eventually!

And Newsniffer tracks the last couple of hours headline changes:

Israeli election on course for dead heat

32 minutes later: Israel election: Netanyahu and Gantz on course for dead heat

32 more minutes later: Israel election: Netanyahu and Gantz on course for dead heat

32 yet more minutes later!: Israel election: Netanyahu set for record fifth term


  1. Tom Bateman in Israel.

    Martha Kearney in Israel.

    Is it a BBC 'Works Outing' - at Licence Fee-payer expense - to enjoy Spring in Israel?

  2. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at Beeb HQ!

    1. They led the people up the mountain - and now they need to take a tablet.

  3. BBC doesn't have journalists; it has PeeCee wishful thinkers. So while every one else knew Netanyahu had won and the tie with Blue and White was irrelevant, the BBC carried on hoping it was a nightmare and somehow Blue and White would pull through.

  4. On BBC radio 2 news this afternoon, the newsreader said:
    “Benjamin Netanyahu has won a record fifth term in office. The election was a dead heat but the right wing party can form a government with other smaller right wing and religious parties.”

    Impartial reporting or bias? As with everything BBC wise there was an angle and spoken emphasis on ‘right wing’.


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