Friday 19 April 2019

'The Facts'

Well, for posterity's sake on this fine, sunny Good Friday, I've posted a transcript below of the Sir David Attenborough-presented campaigning documentary Climate Change - The Facts  as I suspect it will be of interest to at least some of you and that you might want to peruse it (or even use it) at your leisure. 

AC/DC's classic Back in Black sprang to mind as former BBC science and environment reporter Richard Black made yet another post-BBC appearance as an expert with very strong views. 

From my social media reading, I think it's fair to say that the programme has divided opinion - or, as the BBC might put it, proved divisive. 

And I think it's also safe to say that those with strong views on either side of the matter didn't budge one micrometre after seeing it (sceptical critics have already posted lengthy rebuttals).  

But did the viewing public (which I suspect was fairly small) find Sir David, Richard Black & Co. persuasive? 

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  1. Absurd propaganda. I am all in favour of a precautionary approach. But that requires careful thought, sensible planning and use of intellect. The BBC are all about the three Es - emoting, exaggerating and eliminating (the opposition).

    Regarding carbon emissions, look at the facts about the increase in renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are already just about the cheapest form of energy nearly everywhere in the world and nearly all experts think solar energy will continue to reduce in cost substantially. Intermittency is an issue but that will be resolved through various storage technologies within the next 20 years. Carbon emissions will be a thing of the past within 30 years or so.


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