Monday 22 April 2019

Have I Got Something For BBC Comedians To Joke About For You

Oh dear, the Labour Party sent this tweet our earlier today:

Unfortunately, today isn't St George's Day, so - after lots of people pointed that out to them - they deleted the tweet.

That's becoming something of a habit. The other day, the Labour Party sent out a tweet to mark Passover:

Unfortunately, loaves of bread (as shown on their tweet) are not eaten by Jews during Passover, as lots of people pointed out to them. Labour deleted that tweet too.

Oh the fun Ian Hislop and Paul Merton and Frankie Boyle and Miles Jupp and Mark Steel are going to have with this on the BBC this week!...

Or not.

And BBC Trending is surely going to make hay with this.

Or not.

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  1. OK I can write it if you like:


    "They got confused. It was Saint Rick's Day. Saint Rick is George's younger brother. They look alike. When you see them down the pub you can hardly tell them apart. They don't get on though. Rick was a dragon conservationist... had a whole menagerie of dragons, some breathing fire ,some breathing brimstone, some just breathing..."


    "(Naughty pixie face smile to begin with) It could have been worse. It could have been UKIP...(smile disappears) - they'd be abolishing St George's Day altogether not just getting the date wrong because George was a Palestinian and the last thing we want is Palestinians coming over here slaying our any case what about all the doughty British workers only too happy to get up at 5 in the morning to go out dragon hunting...Yes that's Batty Batten for you...(stern face now) but it's nice to see them in a race to the bigotry finishing line with Farage...who can be more unpleasant about migrants? - UKIP or the Brexit Party? They're neck and neck, aren't they, really? (preening to camera)"

    Yep, that's HIGNFY satire on the Labour Party.


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