Wednesday 10 April 2019

BBC Twittering (2)

Daniel the Man

Meanwhile, the BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford has been even more busily engaged on Twitter than Jon Sopel. 

A mini-study of his targets for disagreement, criticism and sarcasm over the last three days proves revealing:

Do you spot a trend there? (I do).

Another one for Fran Unsworth to keep her eye on.

Update 7.50 pm: I see (via Stew) that Daniel S continued astride his high horse, and advised us to please think of the children for good measure:


  1. The BBC has to either publicly take take responsibility for the comments made by its journalists on social media, or very publicly indeed dissociate itself from them. At the moment it making a mockery of any semblance of balance by trying to have it both ways. In effect it is doing all of the things it would accuse the Putin of doing on the internet.

  2. Wot - no Tommy?!

    1. Doh of course he's a hater of TR
      just search his Twitter

    2. that Twitter search

      On Twitter "he doesn't do the real name SYL" poisoning of the wells smear.


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