Friday 12 April 2019

BBC normalising far-left extremism

Ash 'Madame Mao' Sarkar

And sometimes people you don't agree with will be on TV a lot.

Take self-professed communist Ash Sarkar from the extreme-Left website Novara Media. 

She's all over the BBC these days. 

Even Politics Live presenter Elizabeth Glinka said to her today, "You're on programmes like this. You're all over the place". 

And Elizabeth wasn't wrong. This year alone she's been on Question Time, The Andrew Marr Show, Newsnight and Politics Live (repeatedly).

Isn't the BBC enabling far-left extremism by giving her a platform so often? 

Anyhow, a chap from Guido Fawkes, Tom Harwood, has been complaining about this on Twitter:

  • BBC justifying talking about communism because the BBC invites communists onto its programmes. Incredible circular logic.
  • By how much they're on TV you'd be forgiven for thinking Novara Media a massively popular site, but they're simply not:
  • The media coverage these guys get compared to their actual popularity is pretty staggering, to be quite honest. 

Now, it's possible, of course, that Tom is partly angling here for BBC to hand out more invites to people from Guido Fawkes, but he probably has a point. 

Anyhow, in honour of Elizabeth Glinka, here's Mikhail Glinka's beautiful 'Lullaby' from A Farewell to St. Petersburg (one of my favourite Russian songs):


  1. I raised this earlier on the Open Thread:

    The BBC hates the Far Right - a movement associated with decades of politial oppression, denial of free speech, state-sanctioned murder, misery and war.

    But the BBC loves the Far Left - a movement associated with decades of politial oppression, denial of free speech, state-sanctioned murder, misery and war.

    Blink and you won't miss Ash Sarkar on a BBC channel somewhere doing her soft-sell on hard communism...

    Isn't this really outrageous?

    [And yes, I'd noticed GF showing how teeny-weeny tiny Novara Media is. Alleged "Far Right" personages like Tommy Robinson get much bigger followings and other never invited on to such programmes to do personal pieces to camera.

  2. You missed one
    You'd think Matthew Herbert's World of Sound
    .. would be about "sound"
    Blurb "The composer and producer explores the increasing variety of everyday sound and its impact on our lives."
    but No at minute 22:30 we are introduced to
    but no "Parliament , up onto the roof with Senior Editor of Novara Media : Ash Sarkar"
    and you get 5 mins of her wisdom about sound

    Praise be to our masters for leading us to her, we are truly blessed , comrades.

    1. Oh that prog aired 11:30am Thursday

    2. I can see why she is an expert in "sound". Senior Editor of Novara Media does "sound" really good...even though the reality is she gets paid £10k to work for a website that gets a couple of hundred real visitors every day.

  3. On the World Service at about 4am I heard a bit of a programme 'Has Brexit broken UK politics?' under the banner 'The Real Story'. It was chaired by Paul Henley with panel of Robert Hazell, Lisa Mckenzie, Katrin Pribyl, Sir Stephen Laws and Ruth Fox. There's a note in the link about who the contributorsvarev
    This was a repeat from Friday daytime and again around midnight. Don't know if it crosses over to Radio 4. If it's on youtube I'll listen in as it sounded interesting from a half-awake state.

  4. Ash Sarkar ticks all the PC boxes and she is “literally a communist”. How amusing. There was an initial backlash from the BBC when Corbyn was elected leader but it has become clear that the old soggy centre left is not the only voice at the BBC. There certainly is a hard core who would welcome a far left government. I also believe it is becoming the mainstream position. When John McDonnell walked up to the Government front bench, waving his Little Red Book I don’t remember anyone in the BBC referencing the fact that in his hand was something that had been penned by, in terms of numbers, the worst mass murderer in modern history. Certainly nothing like the faux outrage on Twitter recently misquoting Roger Scruton on China. The left have always had a blind spot about the horrors of Communism, but there seems to be something new in all of this. Combined with a general ignorance about history and a left wing educational establishment it’s hardly surprising that Sarkar is feted by the BBC.

    I don’t mind idiots from the far-left appearing on BBC, but the problem is that their resentment filled utopian fantasies, unlike those of the far right, are completely unchallenged. When Ash Sarkar quotes Lenin, as she has done on “Politics Live” where is the disgust from BBC presenters that she is quoting the words of the architect of one of the most brutal terror regimes the world has ever seen?

    1. There is a commonality between all totalitarianisms: Communism, Fascism and Sharia.

      One thing that we really didn't understand I think in the post war period is that the seeds of totalitarianism could also be found in human rights ideology.

      Once the human rights ideal was captured by PC ideology (with its obsession with "group rights")and married to globalism we were set on a dangerous path. We now see "human rights" justification for maltreatment of individuals (e.g. summary trial and imprisonment of TR), abolition of free speech (extending even to banning of lawful books on Amazon), the extension of Sharia law, both de facto and de jure, in the UK and the specific subversion of democratic votes (both the Brexit and Trump votes being subjected to subversive "counter-coups").

      We are well on the way to creating our own version of totalitarianism. We need a name for it: Veneer Democracy? PC Totalitarianism? Deliberalised Society? Globaltarianism?


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