Saturday 6 April 2019

No compost Sherlock!

So much is happening at the moment that I almost forgot to post about Michael Buerk's Radio Times piece a week or so ago where he slammed the BBC for being so preoccupied with diversity and gender balance that it has become less representative of the country it serves. 

He also said: (a) that the corporation excludes working-class talent in favour of "gilded youth", (b) that the BBC is dominated by "a metropolitan middle class", and (c) that the BBC has a "world view" that's "bound to reflect the collective set of assumptions of those who work for it".

To which the obvious (possibly churlish) response is: Well, yes, thank you Michael for speaking out, but please tell us something that isn't blindingly obvious already!

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  1. He wrote about that years ago. Then the focus was women. He seems to have a bee in his bonnet. Now it's the working class. He retired from the news but he's continued working for the BBC on Moral Maze.


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