Sunday 7 April 2019

Huge news

I see that the BBC is giving The Sunday Times lead story Labour's hate files expose Corbyn's anti-semite army only the very briefest of mentions and using the 'The Sunday Times say...The Labour Party says' formula. Only one of the two paper reviews on the BBC News Channel last night featured it, and then only briefly, and this morning's BBC Breakfast only mentioned it at 6:11 am, saying "The Sunday Times accuses Labour of failing to take action against 'hundreds of members accused of anti-Semitism'. Labour says all complaints are fully investigated." And that's it so far.

In contrast Sky News featured a full-length interview with Peter Mason of the Jewish Labour Movement at just after 7:30 am and by 8:00 am had the Labour antisemitism story as its second story.

Update (11:00 am): Sky News later interviewed Baroness Chakrabarti about antisemitism, and continued to make it one of their main stories. The BBC News Channel spent over a minute on it during the post 9:30 am paper review. 

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