Saturday 6 April 2019

As someone once said, you couldn't make it up

Ah, you flitter into Twitter and find BBC News (UK) at the very top of your feed and the BBC News story being reported is history-based and concerns "the father of the US cavalry", Casimir Pulaski - the man who saved George Washington's life. 

Not very BBC, eh?

Ah, that's what you think! Here's the tweet:

How BBC is that!

It's even second on the 'Must See' section of the BBC News website home page.


  1. I agree she's a bit of a looker, but she could lose the moustache. :)

    And surely that should be "slave-owning human rights denier George Washington"? I may sound like Lord Adonis but I really feel the BBC is showing its deep approval of slavery and human rights abuse these days.

    1. Her moustache is lovely. Leave it alone!


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